Monday, August 22, 2011

Herb - Mr Herbert N Trotter II and Chicago Pastor Herb Trotter

Herbert Trotter II is an aggressive Sr. level business development professional with over 14+ years experience, selling SAP ERP professional services, Software applications, Internet/e-business infrastructure solutions and Information network security services to both Channel partners and Global accounts( financial, retail, and insurance verticals).

Herbert N Trotter II

Chicago Pastor Herbert Trotter:

Pastor Herbert Trotter - "The scriptures speak on judging frequently. Specifically, Jesus taught on it. In light of the most recent allegations on a prominent Preacher, I’ve ( Herb Trotter ) been asked to give my thoughts." What most people don’t understand is that Judging is interpreted in the greek in two ways. The scriptures says ” judge ye not, that ye be not judged”, but it also says “ Judge a tree, by the fruit it bears”.

Pastor Herb Trotter - The first “judge” is in the context of placing one’s self in the seat of authority and condemning an individual for an offense. We don’t have that power as royal subjects. The same rocks the “religious” rulers were throwing at the woman for her sin in the scriptures, should have had rocks thrown at them, as we all have sinned and fallen short….so don’t sit in a seat from which we have no power…The scriptures go on to call these types of individuals “hypocrites” or “actors”. I know quite a few of these types of people.

Pastor Herb Trotter - But further down in the same chapter the scripture says “ ye shall know THEM by their fruit” or “ judge a tree” by their fruit. This has everything to do with discernment or recognition of the type of fruit (character) that should be coming off a tree. If the tree is an orange tree, and there are apples coming off it, there is something wrong with that tree. One’s life should line up with the word of God, and we should all be fruit inspectors of our lives and in the lives of those that teach us. If we recognize a indifference, we then need to decide, not condemn.

Pastor Herb Trotter - In summary; Judging has to do with Hypocritical authority and placing one self in a position of authority, and the other has to do with deciphering what is coming from the life of an individual. ( ourselves and spiritual leaders). In either case my role as a believer is to not judge, but to recognized, and look in the mirror; walk the straight and narrow and thank God for Grace upon my life…

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